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It may seem that having more time is something an accounting firm could never help you with. Our experience and modern approach prove the opposite. We can save you up to 70% of the time normally spent on doing paperwork so that you can focus on developing your business, being with your family, or starting new hobbies.

Because we know that every business person struggles with time, we have designed our services to maximize your time savings.

We can take care of recording received invoices, preparing payment orders, filling in employment contracts, or counting your business performance. Through proper setup, we make sure that the same work is never done twice. Moreover, you can see an overview of all your data online.

When you want to have more free time.

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70 %

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pricing example

  • an e-shop

    selling children’s clothes

    An e-shop issuing approximately 2,000 invoices at an average value of CZK 100 to 200, with dozens of received invoices every month, turnover of about CZK 50 million and 20 employees was looking for an accounting firm to process their accounting and payroll. The first quote that they received was for more than CZK 80,000 per month. It was based on manually processing all supplied documents.

    We were able to offer the same client a flat rate not exceeding CZK 17,000 without VAT, i.e. a fraction of the original quote. How was this possible? At a face-to-face meeting, we were able to understand how the business works and from the accounting perspective, we suggested weekly processing of received invoices, monthly financial statements including VAT tax returns and other statements, and the preparation of reports. As far as payroll goes, we suggested that employment contracts be generated directly in our system and wages be processed monthly together with payment orders that we would prepare for the client’s bank. Both we and the client avoided needless paperwork and data copying. In this way, we were able to save a lot of time and money.