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Properly set monitoring of business finances and consulting related to financial decision-making is one of our strong points. We will show you that reporting is more than just cost and revenue monitoring; properly established collaboration brings opportunities to work with many variables.

Our clients always have their finances under control. They know how their business is developing over time and what tax obligations are ahead of them. This enables them to make more informed decisions.

We will regularly go through all numbers with you and help you to better understand your financial operations. Moreover, your data will always be accessible – just sign in online.

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  • construction company

    with many projects

    A construction company with an annual turnover of CZK 70 million and 200 received and issued invoices was used to outsourcing their accounting and submitting paper documents two days before the report deadline. However, because of frequent mistakes in results and late reporting, they decided to search for a different solution.

    After learning what the client’s requirements were, we proposed weekly accounting of every document according to the contract and cost centre, electronically issuing and authorizing invoices in our system, and the continuous monitoring of the performance of construction projects; this also enabled timely and precise reporting for the global parent company. The price that we agreed on was a monthly flat rate not exceeding CZK 14,000, including access to our system.