Our cooperation with DoDo Czech s.r.o. began in June 2019. The company uses advanced technologies to provide its clients with a delivery service for all types of products. Consumers and businesses use DoDo Czech to simplify last-mile delivery of goods primarily from the e-commerce, grocery, and fast-food segments. Its GAIA logistics platform features mature predictive models that forecast time spent in traffic and instant adaptation to city traffic, enabling the company to optimize fleet usage and reduce environmental impact.

DoDo Czech employs over 400 couriers and issues 500 invoices a month; it sends about the same amount of its own invoices to customers and partners each month. This means the company works with around 12,000 invoices per year.

Before our cooperation with DoDo Czech started, the company was overwhelmed with paper documents. Every document went through at least four processing stages: registration in company records upon receipt, data entry into an Excel spreadsheet, data entry into an accounts payable report, and approval. An office manager paid each invoice individually via Internet banking.

At the end of every month, paper copies of invoices were compiled and sent to DoDo Czech’s accounting company, which sent the delivery service provider VAT information on the 25th of the next month. The controlling department prepared reports based on outputs from various systems, including operations, invoicing, and the Excel spreadsheets it used to keep track of paper invoices. At this point, outputs that aligned with its accounting was just a dream.

DoDo Czech wanted a partner that could help it set up data capture processes and provide professional support for internal teams to help the company save time and money.

„Based on our experience, Rossum’s document data extraction enables anyone to process any type of  key business document.“

In the first phase, we created a map of all the steps we had to take into consideration for this process, including who would process invoices and how they would do so, and how we would account for issued invoices, sales, bankroll, and salaries. We were able to import most of these steps into DoDo Czech’s accounting system.

In a matter of minutes, we were able to tailor the Rossum schema to meet DoDo Czech’s requirements. In addition to standard fields such as invoice number, dates, and supplier name, we added a dropdown list that enables DoDo Czech to capture order and cost center data. This modification ensures that details about orders and payment centers will be included in the company’s accounting system.

The intuitive Rossum user interface made it easy for a DoDo Czech employee to process documents. After a brief training session, the employee went straight to work and now processes documents in addition to handling her regular full-time responsibilities. She can process one document in less than a minute, even when she’s filling in order and cost centre details, and assigning/carrying out postings. After that, she simply imports documents directly into DoDo Czech’s accounting system through our connecter This App, where our company has access and controls documents on a regular basis.

The biggest challenge consisted of received invoices, which totaled around 500 per month. Most clients can’t imagine how they could effectively process such a quantity of documents internally on a daily basis, especially not straight into an accounting system. After more than a year of being connected to Rossum, DoDo Czech has reduced its document processing time by 75%.

Rossum is helping DoDo Czech cut its accounting costs by enabling the company to do most of its accounting internally. DoDo Czech enters documents into its accounting system every day; the delivery service provider is certain that Rossum is capturing data accurately, so it can monitor results throughout the month with confidence. The company can start reporting at any time with assurance that results in its reports will match results in accounting. 

“We are very happy about our cooperation with This One, which allowed us to get rid of piles of paper invoices and documents, freeing us from having to post and archive them. Our colleagues from This One helped us streamline and improve the effectiveness of our reporting and accounting processes. At DoDo Czech, we don’t like manually retyping and overwriting details; therefore, we’re trying to automate document processing in its entirety. They proactively point out any deficiencies or errors in our processes and always come up with a solution immediately. We can fully rely on them.” – Viera Slota Geckova, CFO V-Sharp Ventures SE